Collection: C Skins NuWave

Our NuWave wetsuits are made from a blend of 85% natural rubber and 15% chlorine-free synthetic rubber (as a percentage of total foam rubber content) to optimise the natural rubber foam's longevity, durability and stretch. This is covered with a recycled knitted lining to protect the natural rubber from ultraviolet degradation at the same time as improving elastic return and comfort. In addition, any smooth skin, mesh, or otherwise non-porous single-lined foam as would traditionally be used on the inside of the neck for comfort or on the torso and back, can only currently be produced from neoprene. Because of this limitation, we've designed our NuWave wetsuits accordingly and the only glide skin used is kept to the absolute minimum on the collar and the o-ring seal on the edge of the shoulder closure - essential for comfort and to provide a satisfactory seal.
At 85% natural rubber composition, it has been estimated that the carbon footprint of the wetsuit is reduced by up to 80% compared to a neoprene wetsuit.