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Vision SR Stringer Bodyboard

Vision SR Stringer Bodyboard

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The Vision SR is a perfect beginner to intermediate bodyboard. It is a great versatile and durable board for everyday riding that performs extremely well in good sized surf. The fact the board features a stringer which is a fibreglass rod that runs down the centre of the board means it keeps stiff. This is very important when actually riding waves as a board without a stringer will flex and therefore the board will become bowed and slow you down ultimately meaning wave riding time will be massive reduced. The bottom features a great slick for enhanced board performance that not only adds strength but also a resistance free riding surface that increases speed and manoeuvrability on the water. Size wise we recommended the 45' for Bigger Adults, The 42' for Adults and Children

  • Heat Laminated NOT glued construction for greater board longevity
  • Crescent Tail
  • Tail Channels
  • Fibreglass Stringer
  • INCLUDES FREE Coiled Urethane Leash

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